The church tower on Erfurt’s main square “Anger” was part of one of the oldest Erfurt parish churches, the St Bartolomew Church.
It was at the same time also the church of the Earls of Gleichen. Already in 1182 the church was first mentioned. Construction work of the today still existing tower started in 1412, as you can read above the window on the first floor (see picture below).
The construction work was finalized in 1468 with putting the spire onto the tower.
The church was a richly equipped parish church until the middle of the 16th century. After the reformation it became assigned to the Protestant Barfüßergemeinde (Barefoot Brothers parish), wich however rarely used it. The nave fell into disrepair more and more and finally had to be closed in 1570. The tower of the St Bartolomew Church with its bells has been used from that time on as bell tower for the Barfüßergemeinde (meant Barefoot Brothers parish, from Franziscan Monks).

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Writing area above the ground floor window of the Bartholomäusturm, Anger 52, Erfurt:
Anno Domini MCCCCXII feria sexta proxima post festum ascenionis domini incepta est hec strucura hujus turris
The construction of our tower began in the year 1412 on Saturday after the ascension of the Lord